Moskow Watchdog Grooming

The Moscow Watchdog is a relatively young breed and therefore health issues have not been recorded yet. However, degeneration of the pelvic joints, rickets, food allergy and eye diseases are something to look out for as with many large dog breeds.

This breed has A LOT of fur!! Therefore, no surprises there…it should be groomed every two weeks or so to keep it looking its best. You can of course groom it more often as well. But 2 weeks is the limit, for this best. With his rather long hair, special care must be taken. The hair has a tnendency to tangle and this should be brushed out, otherwise the tangles will result in heavy knots that need to be cut out later on. And Boy! that is not something you wish to live through! This is especially important on the long-haired tail of the breed as well, since the tangles there are even more aggressive. Bathing them is not important. This is a self-cleaning breed. 2-3 times a year will suffice for bathing this heavy breed. If you wish however, a professional doggy parlour will meet your needs, when it comes to grooming, detangling and bathinghis huge dog!

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